Ro-f*…-MANIA – 1

Me and SHE


Don t get it wrong.I love Romania!I love my homeland.Is in my blood and in each fibre of me… to be romanian.

I am maybe a litlle nationalist.. and at all conservationist.This come  with age maybe and experience.

I was in a litlle `shock` when in UK and other countrys I  travel , soo meny pleoples did not know where is Romania. Some  was thinking is part of RUSIA? WTF! Most  of them think also Budapest in the capital…* not BUCHAREST! And` strange„  it was when someone really know the right things.

Romania is in Europe !SE of Central Europe-  next tu Hungary, Montenegru/Serbia, Bulgaria/Black Sea, Ukraina and Moldovian Republic- this one was part of the Great Romania before the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact in 1940. Yes, the moldovians are romanians!

The capital is BUCHAREST. No Budapest , wich is the Hungary capital!

O yes… meny know to…

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