Poem dedicat

Nu am scris despre acest domn niciodata in blogul meu desi am vrut sa o fac de multe ori- dar va scriu acum. Dupa intalnirea noastra ( de acum cativa ani), am primit un telefon de peste ocean de la el; Mi-a cantat o melodie superba la telefon.I-am cerut si versurile. Iata-le aici.Mi-au fost dedicate cu admiratie si sunt superbe.Voi incerca sa fac traducerea in limba romana cat de curand .


From Dracula’s Forest
to Black Sea shores,
always playful,
always gentle,
sometime lover,
sometime savior,
partly laughter,
mostly woman,

Sonya deals in dreams;
makes you forget
how old you are and
who or why or where,
cause Sonya deals in dreams;
soft beyond belief,
skin to crawl up under,
knows exactly what to do
where to touch and how,
cause Sonya deals in dreams.

She caresses and kisses
like no other ever did or could,
cause Sonya deals in dreams.
And for a time,
time falls away,
she makes you think
you are the only
one and only
man she ever knew
or cared to know,
cause Sonya deals in dreams.
And then too soon,
your time is done,
you smile and shed a single tear,
you have to leave,
cause Sonya deals in dreams.

Home again,
alone again,
you pinch yourself and wonder
if she was real at all,
cause Sonya deals in dreams.
And in some lonely moment,
in the embers of your mind,
the spark of the sweetest memory
any man could ever know, bursts into flame so bright
you have to look away
cause Sonya’s in your dreams.

And in that sometime moment,
a solitary thought,
soft as one of her caresses,
brushes up against your mind;
and with that thought,
you absolutely know,
that no matter who (or what)
you thought you were,
your life will never be the same,
since Sonya joined your dreams




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Un gând despre „Poem dedicat

  1. vitttorio Ianuarie 10, 2011 la 9:39 am Reply

    daca despre virtutile literare ale poemului dedicat mai incape loc de discutii, fotografia acesta cu ciorapi de plasa pe gambe aerodinamice in patofi de lac rosii intra, definitely, printre capodopere 🙂


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